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TG Enviro

TG Enviro is the new-look division in the Tudor Griffiths Group which was formerly known as TG Waste Services.

The division offers a fully-integrated waste management service to all commercial, construction, agricultural and retail businesses, and domestic customers.

Made up of TG Renewable Energy, TG Skip Hire, and TG Recycling, the fresh, streamlined approach is already making a huge difference to the way the Tudor Griffiths group operates at its Ellesmere site.

The team is led by Kevin Gardiner, an environmental specialist with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, and the three arms of the division work closely together to achieve their aim of minimising the waste going to landfill.

Tudor Griffiths Group already has a comprehensive environmental policy in place, and the review of the waste services it delivers has been an excellent opportunity to strengthen its approach to sustainable and renewable energy still further.

They are now taking an even more robust stance to ensure all the services they provide meet the very highest environmental standards.

TG Recycling

As part of their commitment to increasing the amount of recycling of incoming waste at their Wood Lane site, TG Enviro previously invested £1.5 million in a state-of-the-art Material Recycling Facility (MRF).

The plant is the largest and most advanced in Shropshire, and the team aims to recycle the vast majority of the waste it processes including wood, bricks, metal, paper, cardboard and ferrous metal.

So only a tiny percentage of the waste that comes into the MRF actually goes to landfill – but even that is put to good use, as it produces methane which TG Enviro captures to help produce the electricity that powers the plant, with any left over being exported back to the national grid.

The MRF facility was carefully designed and constructed with the help of the McPhillips Construction Group, and every aspect of the plant was carefully considered to deliver environmentally sustainable features.

With low energy lighting, natural light in the roof, and a rainfall harvest system so water can be used to wash on-site vehicles,  TG Enviro is leading by example when it comes to minimising their environmental impact.

TG Renewable Energy

Renewable and sustainable energy is a growing trend in the UK and beyond, and TG Enviro is committed to delivering the very best results from all the waste that is processed on each of their sites.

The team is already working towards being carbon neutral and has transformed its waste processes to ensure energy is conserved and harvested at every opportunity.

Licensed and recognised by the Environment Agency, TG Enviro sorts a whole range of waste and the company is constantly revising and updating its procedures to maximise the collection of energy in all departments.

The team also now offers a new service to chip wood waste and dry it in a bespoke building on-site, before converting it into fuel for biomass boilers, which opens up the TG Enviro division to a whole new customer base.

They even use the woodchip to provide heat for their own paint shop and offices, and collect methane from the landfill site to produce electricity for the offices at the Wood Lane plant too. Any electricity left over is exported to the National Grid.

TG Skip Hire

For more information about TG Skip Hire click here.

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